Updated Bio

William A. Kofoed was born in Logan Utah. He now lives in Magna Utah. He was a member of Mormon Youth Chorus and the Jay Welch Chorale. He is a published photographer. He has been published twice published by Poetry Quarterly and twice published by Utah Life. He has written and published four books of poetry; Shadows of Footsteps, 2016, Reflections in the Twilight, 2017, Looking to the Light, 2017 and Shouting in the Wind.,2018. He is currently working on his fifth book, Looking Back. He began writing in High School.


Some time I need to share

Help him

He struggled a long bent and worn
Carrying with him all that he possessed
Watching him in her compassion stirred
A desire to help to his life to change
And to lift him up along his way
Tired and worn his pride not got yet gone
He would from her have turned away
But she would not let him pass
Without somehow to help him out
With patience long and loving dear
She spoke to him to let her help
A meal was bought and help was given
And yet from him she did not want to walk
A need was felt some how to change
Uplift his life, change his ways
To give to him what he did not have
Yet he would not let her it give
Sorrowing did she then turn away
Parting sad at so little help
She went her way as he did his

Taking on responsibility

I have taken on the role of president in the Valley Winds chapter of the Utah State poetry society. I have done so to fill a need that they had for someone to fill the role and not out of any desire to be in control or in charge of the group.
I have always been intrigued by the lack of willingness of most people want to take on any responsibility.