So here i sit writing a blog that no one reads. I am told this is one of the things I must do to be a Poet.

So I have wrote some 800 or 900 poems. Some have been in print, some have been used here and there. I do poetry readings and have done there is places like Kingsbury Hall at the UofU. None of this seems to count for anything. Till poetry journals choose to print my work and I win a few awards I am not a poet.

Now the poems I write I sent for to editors and share them with no one. The editors keep them for months. If they reject them then do I sent them to other editors or share them with people who read my poems. At some websites over 400 people have read some of my poems yet I am not somehow a poet.

Well since no one read reads this, all this is pointless.


Author: wakofoed

About me, ah well, I am a Poet, a singer, a drummer and photographer .

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