blue sky overhead
sunlight shines all around
clouds do float upon the wind
water flows and fishes swim
trees and flowers do abound
mountain peaks cold
and warm desert sand

wind does blow on all the land
rain and snow falls all around
rivers flow to lakes and sea
forests grow on the mountainsides
grasses grow in meadows below
and wide plains were grains grow

deserts are upon the land
dusty planes where the wind blows
dry dead seas where nothing lives
stinking seas of salt without life
ashes black were fire spread

the world is like a treasure house
with many shelves which to hold
all the things that man may need
yet all the shelves are not full
nor are they all equally filled
certain shelves to each belong
holding whatever they may

different talents each may have
different abilities which to do
suited not to what they have
wherever they may be
what ever maybe there

some have much
and others do not
some have nothing
there is no reason
for how it is

some have not what
they need to live
life’s of ease
life’s of joy
others have more
than they can use
life’s of luxury
life’s of excess

often those with riches do
have the power which to use
to take from them who have less
building excess
ever more

there is for each and every one
part of earth’s wealth untold
all might have an equal part
living life’s of equal joy
sharing each and every one

equal light on each to fall
equal water to each to go
equal chance for everyone
everyone a chance to dream
equal life for everyone


Author: wakofoed

About me, ah well, I am a Poet, a singer, a drummer and photographer .

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