After publishing my first book of poems, Shadows of Footsteps, I thought about how I had written them. Over the course of thirty some years this how I did it;

‘I do not know why most poets write poetry but I know why I do so. I write because a thought gets in my head and bounces around till I write it down.

You could say that I don’t try to write but that I am forced to write.’

In doing this I wrote 242 poems in about 30 years.

I thought then about what two of the writers I have read said about their writing methods. One of them, Rod McKuen, said that he tried to write a poem every day. The other one, Isaac Asimov, said that he would lock himself in a room with a typewriter for 8 hours a day.

This made me think that I set aside time where I had nothing to do but write when I might write more poems. So I start on my breaks and lunches at work to take a pen and notebook and try to write something. Doing this is how this book was written.

Now as before;

‘Now I do try to write “good” poetry that people will enjoy reading, but I don’t try to write poems for people to read.’

I will say about my writing method that I try to write in a way that isn’t dependent on the language they are written in. So I do not use rhyme and meter which will be lost if the poems are translated in to another language.

I hope that someone will enjoy some of what I write but that is still not why I write.