Tech writing or playing autorankers

L.A. in snow

Walked out this morning
to snow on the road
brushed off the truck
engaged the four-wheel-drive

driving to work
the roads weren’t bad
parked in the lot
and walked inside

out in the warehouse
sitting on the fork
looking at the floor
and thinking of L. A.

A palm tree grew
out in the yard
Disneyland was
a short drive away

sometimes I wish
I’d never left
could be on the beach
just watching the waves


Poking sticks at a autoranker

In bright sun

A long hot ribbon of black asphalt
as the hot sun beats down upon it
it goes straight as a ruler across the land
with shimmering mirages upon it seen

a glittering form of clean lines
appears coming from far away
without a sound that can be heard
quickly it moves towards me here

a quiet murmur deep dark sound
growing quickly rumbling now
as silver car grows in my sight
hurtling quickly towards me now

sharp square lines of headlights and grill
flowing back raking into rising windshield
smooth hard lines flow unto its tail
planes and lines in glaring light

through the glass I can see
auburn curls and waves flowing long
smooth white skin forming curbs
rising from low-cut white

with thundering roar it flies by
passing wind flutters my clothes
scent of jasmine and roses fill the air
as it flashes going on pass me

going on down ribbon straight
shrinking dwindling fading from sight
roar does dwindle and fades away
as the car disappears from view

and scoring 10 of 10


Poking sticks

line angle triangle square
curve circle Hemisphere ball
water gel mud ground
air wind gusting storm
light flashes darkness night
day comes night goes endless chase around
long hair short hair blonde hair girl
boys man watching now
seeing up seeing down seeing everything
nothing turning coming changing
truth ending not
hidden hiding finding lost
forward backwards sideward all
pointless musing seeking what
lying hiding showing not
jumbo mini ceiling floor
walls to corners doorways stairs
endless timeless counting not
all now ending words do stop

(sorry I had to write it)